Goodbye home!

It’s done, the sale has been completed, by now the new owners will be full of excitement ready to move their furniture into the home I had to give up.

Yesterday, I spent the afternoon cleaning the house while H moved the rest of his stuff. We both stood in the empty shell, sobbing our hearts out and he apologised over and over again for what he has done. All this heartache completely unnecessary….for what? For him to have his bit of fun then only to realise what a mistake he made!

I said goodbye to my wonderful neighbours, who were also sad to see me go.

I feel empty, sad, scared, lost, homesick and grief….I did not sleep at all last night, I have cried and cried and been unable to go to work today….first day throughout the whole ordeal since d-day I have had to take a day off. It just all felt too much.

H is not dealing with it very well….I think he was in denial about the whole thing!

I’m going through all my bills, changing address…it all feels so surreal.

I keep reminding myself that, although I loved my home, the first we ever owned, our marital home, and where I spent many happy memories…bad things also happened while I was there, and I mustn’t lose sight of that.

But for today….

Goodbye home, thank you for all the happy times, I will never forget you!


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